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Hi everyone and welcome to Nova Wolfwear! My name is Axelle, I work full-time in the kitchen of a restaurant that’s runned by my family. Together with my dogs Nala (czechoslovakian wolfdog), Ganache (chocolate labrador) and my boyfriend Tim we are living life to the fullest in our home in Aalter (Belgium). Since Nala joined our family I got inspired to have unique gear for her. I’ve always been a creative soul so i tried making them by myself. 

I love nature and adventures, so I wanted to make something with natural materials. I searched for naturally shed antlers and started experimenting with it. Due to the many positive reactions from other people and of course because our four-legged friends deserve unique accessories, I started an Instagram page and soon ‘Nova Wolfwear’ was born. Each and every single item is made with love and passion. When you place an order I’ll contact you personally. 

I want to get to know your desires and which designs you love. Need some inspiration? Check our instagram page! 

Customize your dog's look with personalized ID-tags.


Shipping to Belgium and the Netherlands. Are you from another country? Contact me and I'll see what I can do!


Each and every item is handmade with love and passion.


We love to get to know you and your furry friend so we can create exactly what you want!

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